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Production Advantage, Inc.

Production Advantage, Inc supplies, installs, and services theatrical equipment, including stage lighting, stage curtains and rigging, and sound systems.

Our ETCP certified rigging inspectors and installers provide theatrical rigging safety inspections, as well as installation and repairs to ensure compliance with current safety regulations. Our lighting and sound system engineers and technicians offer service and repairs, as well as system design and installation. We also engineer and install energy efficient LED auditorium houselights and controls.

Production Advantage also provides expendable supplies for theatrical production, including replacement lamps, gel, scenic paint, and tape, and educational tools such as the Yeagerlab Theater Lab.

Vertical SMB, LLC

At Vertical SMB we believe people solve problems. Our goal is to put the industry’s best technology and training in your hands to empower your workforce. Based in Bakersfield, Ca. we are an IT Solutions provider that specializes in the Small Medium Business (SMB) market. Today’s fast paced business world demands automation, reliability and ease of use. Backed by 20 years of experience, we fufill a variety of I.T. needs such as installation, repairs, backups, and more. Our customers enjoy the personal level of service we provide along with integrity, rapid response and cost-effective solutions.

We partner with only the most innovative and reliable vendors in the industry today. We never sacrifice quality when it comes to your business. We can guide you through the complex maze of software, hardware and I.T. Services. Don’t waste time shopping around only to find that you forgot to click the box for an important option or waste time on long phone calls trying to correct orders. We can get handle all this for you and get it right the first time. With Vertical SMB by your side, you can maintain focus and effort on the things that are important to your business.


The YoJo Show!


YoJo assemblies: CHOOSE TO READ Our original show is all about discovering the importance and enjoyment of reading. YoJo initially has a bad attitude about reading and would rather indulge himself in watching TV and playing video games. YoJo learns through several comic mishaps that reading is not only important, but can be lots of fun, too. The fundamental message taught is “The more you read, the smarter you get!” This show is perfect in conjunction with your school’s reading incentive programs. ACE YOUR TEST (Appropriate for all elementary grades taking standardized tests) This show deals with overcoming test-taking anxiety and promotes very specific and beneficial strategies for standardized tests. YoJo gets involved in a game show to learns about the specific features and tools regarding computerized or paper & pencil testing. In the end, YoJo develops the skills and confidence to ACE THE TEST! Great for PARCC, Pensylvannia’s PSSA, and Virginia’s SOL.
TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT YoJo’s junk food binges and couch potato ways finally end in our health & fitness program. This show emphasizes daily physical activity, getting plenty of sleep and also making sensible food choices. It features the USDA MyPlate food icon, and will get your entire audience on their feet to do a session of “YOJOROBICS!” It’s a wonderful show to kick off field days and is a perfect way to promote living a healthy lifestyle.
BULLY NO MORE YoJo has a bully problem. The problem is YoJo’s the bully! But after several situations, he sees the harm he’s done and realizes how damaging bullying is. Many lessons are learned for those who are being bullied, those who are witness to bullying, and we even address those who may be doing the bullying, too. BULLY NO MORE is a serious assembly that’s also positive and upbeat.
EVERYTHING IS MATH YoJo’s newest assembly all about the importance of mathmatics and how it relates to everything in life. This assembly is set to debut in September of 2016. Call show producer, Bromley Lowe, at 1-800-404-9656 x702 for more details.

Keep in mind that YoJo can also bring multiple sets to perform different shows at your venue on the same day! (E.g. ACE YOUR TEST for Grades 3-6, CHOOSE TO READ for Grades K-2)

Sun Grove Montessori School

Mission: Sun Grove Montessori School seeks to create a learning environment that is conducive to the unique development of each individual and strives to foster a natural desire and love of learning.

The Watson Institute

We envision The Watson Institute as:

The region’s premier provider of special education services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, brain injuries, behavior disorder and emotional disturbance and nationally recognized for its expertise;
A provider of a comprehensive array of cost-effective, accessible services and programs that serves children with special needs from their birth through age twenty-one;
The place that parents of children with special needs turn to for information and help;
The first choice of school districts and professionals who need professional development services so that they can better serve children with special needs.
An organization that is noted for its expert, professional and compassionate staff, who do whatever needs to be done to help children with disabilities achieve their fullest potential in all aspects of their lives.
Recognized world-wide for providing services to professionals working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and behavior disorders.


Power Consulting and Search is Business Consulting & Executive Search firm based in Georgetown Texas with offices located in the Georgetown Chamber giving the firm clear credibility. PCS core philosophy is to increase the power of a business by providing top quality professionals for the client to source from. HUB Certified in Texas.

PCS Executive Search Consultants specialize in the recruitment and placement of professionals in the following 4 divisions-Business, Operations/Engineering, Sales/Business Development, Academic (Faculty/Administrative) and Healthcare Management and Professionals. PCS represents candidates that are degreed and are required to manage people and/or processes right up to Board Level positions.

PCS Executive Search Consultants are specialists in the areas that they recruit for with more than 10 years experience, a point of differentiation amongst other firms. PCS Executive Search Consultants understand the finer points of the Search Industry providing unparalleled service and business expertise as they have been a Senior Executive and a Management Consultant before joining PCS, another reference point in differentiation in the Executive Search industry.
PCS is engaged by clients in all industries on a retained, exclusive or contingency basis serving organizations nationwide predominantly that have multiple locations and multiple positions falling into more than one division category such as Healthcare and Academic. From time to time we work only on a contingent basis for new clients to prove value and to ensure PCS finds the client to be a quality organization to work for.
PCS uses a consultative approach in helping clients to create a job order that clearly will identify and attract the right professionals to join their organization within the client’s timeframe. PCS using innovative sourcing methodologies generates a candidate database that includes exclusive talent pools and candidates conducting a highly confidential job search. The value for the client is having access to these professionals that will not be found on mainstream sources such as job boards.

Top talent will be attracted to organizations that are well managed and inspiring therefore PCS ensures the continuous development of relationships with top companies and talented professional candidates.

Fee is 25% of first years compensation package with a 90 day pro rata guarantee.

Transtyle Transportation

When it comes to booking group tours or reservations, we at Transtyle are the experts. We are the proven choice of tour companies around the world, and it’s always a great time to travel and explore the multitude of amazing destinations across the United States. We remove the hassle of coordinating schedules by booking everything for you.

As one of the very few transportation companies with a fleet of first-class Mercedes-Benz Setras, our accommodations are top notch. Booking agents prefer to collaborate with us because of our white-glove service and limitless amenities. Our coaches lead the industry in luxury and dependability. Each comfortably accommodates 56 passengers plus storage for luggage and golf clubs.

All of our motor coaches include:

  • Full audio and video system including 5 flat-screen TVs, DVD player, and satellite television
  • Restrooms
  • Reclining high-back seats with footrests
  • Electrical outlets
  • Coffee makers and snack storage
  • Wi-Fi and USB ports
  • Intercom system for communicating with passengers

When you choose Transtyle Transportation, you are selecting one of the highest-regarded transportation companies in Phoenix. Our goal is to provide you and your clients with the most reliable, convenient, safe, and pleasant group tour service while in our vehicles. Leave all the details to us and know that your reputation will be enhanced through your partnership with Transtyle.

Some of the services you can expect include:

  • Complete event coverage
  • Manifest manipulation
  • Transportation management
  • Destination management
  • Onsite coordination with professional greeters

We can provide group tours for as few as 1 day day trips and as long as 20 days, and we will collect your travelers from wherever they start their journey, whether that is in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Las Vegas. We travel across the Southwestern US, California, Colorado, Nevada, and even into Canada. If you have a goal in mind, let us know and we’ll coordinate the transportation to get you where you want to go.

We invite you to look at photos of our fleet of coaches. Whether you are currently in the market for a new motor coach company or are just exploring your options, you can trust our more than 20 years of industry experience. When you contact one of our tour specialists, we’ll send you brochures filled with information about our fleet as well as how to make your tours more efficient with happier customers. You’ll be captivated by our knowledge and expertise!

A full display of tour services, photographs, and pricing can be obtained by contacting us directly at 480-948-6131. Book now to select your dates as our schedule fills quickly!


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