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Bio: About K12 Academics: We are a national education resource website with a community based approach. The site serves as a terrific tool for teachers, students, district officials and parents involved in the K-12 education system with thousands of informative pages. We have a terrific team of columnists, bloggers and lesson plans to view. The site also has national directories with profiles of schools, camps, businesses, organizations, etc. to help you make the best choice for your child's future. The site was created in November of 2004 by Christopher Glavin. The site started as an education job database but quickly grew to much more. The site today spans the entire education spectrum. There are over 20,000 pages of information related to education, disabilities and disorders. We have a clientele base of well over 2,000+ schools, businesses, organizations, camps, libraries, etc. and continue to grow. About Christopher Glavin: Chris is a 32 year old entrepreneur and ADHD advocate living in the New York City area. He has extensive experience in website development, marketing and research. Having been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, and having been told by both teachers and peers that I couldn't succeed, I used this as motivation to create a resource based-web-site for learning disabilities as well as a one stop educational resource page I believe ADHD to be more of a blessing than a curse, and consider this website to be an example of how hard work and dedication and passion can result in a postitve outcome. I hope this website can not only be a tool, but an inspiration for those struggling with ADHD and other disabilities. Believe that there are endless possibilities when trying to achieve your dreams Mission Statement/Philosophy Statement: Since its inception in 2004, K12 Academics has established itself in the education community by creating influential and valuable information for teachers, students, parents & districts officials involved in the K-12 education system. K12 Academics is committed to excellence, development and enlightenment. K12 Academics strives to present a wide spectrum of information related to education for its visitors, in addition to the entire general community. We promote the education system while serving the needs of all involved.

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