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The Manacare Foundation

The main aim now is to make the project in Sri Lanka self sustainable. Manacare does not have company cars, posh offices, there are no salaries paid to Trustees or organisers, only to the actual workers of the country in which the project exists.
The project now offers …
Montessori School, Homework classes, Physiotherapy, Swimming, Games both outdoors and indoors, Chess, Gymnasium, Table Tennis, Music, Making of Soap, Candles, Gifts, Hotel supplies, Playgrounds we have five houses for orphans or desperate needs families brought to us by Social Services.

Our desperate need would be for someone to come long term who would be willing to oversee …

Set up of an Apiary, we have protective suit, we have the area ready, we have pots to hang.
Set up of Visitor’s Centre, and organising dates, advertising through hotels and local tuk tuks
Set up of training schemes for those leaving school but not having attended due to family difficulties
Recieving Backpackerss (three bedrooms en suite so far with five beds in each).. own kitchen
Setting up of scheme to hold birthday parties for local ex pat families (children)

Go Discover Abroad


Go Discover Abroad is an international organization offer gap year trips in more than 45 countries, we have nearly 200 meaningful and exciting tours which will surely redefine your ideas of traveling during your gap year and help you to experience the goodness of journeys abroad.

Intern NZ and Intern OZ


Internship Placements – personalised process including individual pre-placement meetings, industry specific resume review, customised employer outreach, as well as informational interviews with potential sites if required, coaching and troubleshooting throughout the placement.

Housing and Emergency Support – furnished student housing convenient to public transportation and including kitchen facilities, access to laundry, and Internet connectivity. In addition, in-country support, providing program management and 24-hour support for emergencies.

Program Management and Support – pre-internship orientation, as well as airport pick up by Intern NZ or Intern OZ staff (if requested), arrival group orientation to the city with our team covering; culture and customs, safety and law, culture shock, internships and housing.

Academic Component – close collaboration with the University to ensure completion of academic objectives outlined by the University to grant academic credit.

Cross-Cultural Coaching – range of arrival activities to integrate students into the city, and their international internship cohort.


The Tarzan Way


Social Travel Project:
1. Social Travel: North India – Travel across 16+ cities in North India over 4-6 weeks taking part in various culturally immersive activities while creating an impact through meaningful volunteering work.
2. Volunteer in Delhi- Stay at the capital of India, New Delhi. One of the largest metropolitan city in India which still maintains its age-old charm and heritage. Take part in meaningful volunteer work and create an impact during your stay here.
3. Volunteer in Jaipur – A city stopped in time. Explore the culturally rich Jaipur which has huge forts and palaces as its backdrop and bustling market streets which still have local artisans selling cultural handicrafts. Create an impact in the slums of Jaipur by distributing food amongst the poor and teaching their children.
4. Volunteer in Rishikesh – Visit the international capital of Yoga and spend some time gaining a little peace of mind. Popularly visited by many famous personalities to relax such as Steve Jobs and the Beetles, this is the place to be to get away from all the hustle and bustle. Relax in the ashrams or get the thrill on with adventure activities like white water rafting. Meanwhile, take part in meaningful volunteer work and make an impact during your holidays.

Unravelling India:
A 4- week long travel experience where you explore each corner of the beautiful yet chaotic country India. As the name mentions you’ll visit each corner of the country unravelling the mysteries it hides with diverse culture, tradition and people across each city and location you visit.



SEDARVP-Ghana is a Youth Focused Organization setup to create supportive platforms to challenge youth creativity in the areas of Human Rights and education, social change, volunteerism and rural development. As an organization, we are committed to making available critical information and resources needed for total development of the Youth of Ghana and beyond especially in the rural with regards to human rights education. Our mission therefore is to empower youngsters through quality education, social justice and civic education for the betterment of humanity.

As a non-governmental organization, we also aim at promoting good and quality education in all the rural and remote communities in Ghana through volunteers support.

For the communities being served, SEDARVP – Ghana aspires to enhance and empower the lives of mankind through various social, civil and developmental efforts to result in a positive and promising global economic future.

Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad


IKPVA offers a wide range of affordable, exciting, meaningful, rewarding and safe volunteer projects in South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Our variety of programs includes Teaching, Childcare, Community Development, NGO Support, Construction, Environment, Animal Conservation, Sports, Arts & Design and many others.
We have the perfect volunteer project that matches your skills and interests.
We work to create a difference!
Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad is the real thing.
We are a non-profit organization based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Original Volunteers – Africa


Africa Volunteer Programmes

Choose from diverse programmes across this incredible continent.

Choose from diverse programmes across this incredible continent with programme fees starting from as low as US$70 or GBP£50 a week for long stays. Typical short stay programme fees US$115 GBP£95 a week.

Ghana Teach or assist classes in poor schools in the Lake Volta region of Eastern Ghana. Medical and nursing students can help at the Kwahu national hospital. Sports coaching is also available together with conservation and construction work. Closest airport for pick ups: Accra

Morocco Help in community settings both in and outside of Marrakech with children aged 0 to 12 years old. Volunteers help in community centres, charities and remote villages taking part in art and craft activities and outdoor games. Closest airport for pick ups: Marrakech

Kenya Two incredible projects are available in Kenya which can be combined: Live with a genuine Maasai family helping every day tasks combined with assisting village projects and teaching at the village nursery. Help at the street kids project in Mombasa teaching boys between 7 and 16 with basic spelling and arithmetic and combine with some afternoon sport. Closest airport for pick ups: Nairobi or Mombasa depending on programme chosen.

Tanzania Create a schedule to suit from a choice of projects within the town of Iringa in south central Tanzania which include but are not limited to: orphan schools, children homes, daycentres, youth sports clubs, day nurseries. Closest airport for pick ups: Iringa (most volunteers fly as far as Dar Es Salaam only and travel overland to Iringa)

South Africa Help care for a primates at a busy sanctuary just outside Pretoria. No experience neccessary. Volunteers help over 5 days with feeding, cleaning and preparing stimulation activities for the primates’ mental well being. Nearest airport for pick ups: Johannesburg.

Uganda Live-in and help at this busy primary school high in the Ugandan hills which was established by an English lady and who visits regularly. Volunteers can teach, assist classes, assist the nurse in the clinic, organise activities in the nursery and help with general repairs. Nearest airport for pick ups: Entebbe.

Malawi Help at various settings in need of hands on assistance in and around the regions of Zomba and Blantyre. Nearest airport for pick ups: Blantyre.


VE Global

Founded as Voluntarios de la Esperanza in 2004, VE Global has grown from a few volunteers living and working in La Florida’s Fundación Hogar Esperanza to an average on the ground community of 35 volunteers who work in 8 distinct children´s service organizations. Since its inception, VE Global has received more than 450 volunteers from 35 countries and five continents.

Volunteers began arriving at Hogar Esperanza in 1999. Seeing a profound mutual impact on the children and the volunteers, the home’s director, Jorge Daveggio, accepted volunteers from the United States, France, Germany, England, and Canada. Each socially conscious young adult brought his or her experiences, talents and love to Santiago and thus contributed to the home’s theme of esperanza, or hope, for its children. These volunteers initially found Hogar Esperanza through their own means, so there were gaps of time without a volunteer presence.

In September and October of 2003, however, several volunteers arrived with overlapping stays. With the larger group, the volunteers were able to better organize their work and even combine their efforts to initiate larger projects. As the director lacked time and English language ability, one of the new arrivals took charge of volunteer recruiting in order to maintain a more constant influx of valuable international help. Utilizing the internet, Luke Winston discovered a surprisingly large interest from foreign volunteers to work in children’s service organizations, an interest much larger than Hogar Esperanza itself could support.

VE received its first volunteers, Jen Hendlisz and Ilana Osten, in 2004. These dedicated volunteers not only became part of the Hogar Esperanza family, but created a support base for subsequent volunteers. Winston, along with the founding group of Chilean volunteers known as “El Equipo,” guided and supported incoming volunteers and provided a continuous presence in an organization that was constantly changing with new volunteers from around the world.

Through his time as a volunteer, Luke recognized that several other children’s service organizations in Santiago had similar goals but much fewer resources. As a result of the disparity between these organizations, the idea of VE was born in the hope of using volunteers as a resource to bring equal opportunities to all children. In the world of social work, a foundation cannot be selfish; an excess resource should be shared whether it is food, money, or volunteer work. Therefore, VE searched for like-minded organizations that worked to form a family environment for the abandoned and abused children for which they cared.

VE Global provides a unique insider’s road to a life-changing volunteer experience because it was created by and is currently run by volunteers who have all worked in a children’s service organization. By working in a South American nation like Chile, the motivated young adults who compose this multi-national group of volunteers not only change the lives of the children they help but are themselves changed by an intense experience and new insights only an international adventure could provide. After their stay, volunteers remain a part of the new families they discover and return to their own countries to apply their new perspectives on life.


Oyster Worldwide

Oyster was set up in 1999 by Roger after leading many years of army and school expeditions. We now have over 50 projects set up in 16 different countries including animal welfare, conservation, teaching and childcare, and internships all with dedicated destination managers. Many of these projects have been running since 2000 and have been nurtured and supported by us ever since.

Being small means we can offer a really personal service. We get to know all of our participants individually at an informal interview and briefing sessions either at our office in the South of England or over the phone. Participants are fully briefed on health, safety and cultural issues in their chosen country.

New Futures Organisation

No formal experience required; experience working with children or in an educational setting is beneficial but not a necessity. Open-mindedness, a positive attitude and a willingess to share your skills with young people are all that is needed.

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