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Woodhouse Academy


Woodhouse Academy is an academic, therapeutic private day school designed to meet the needs of adolescents (Grades 6 – 12) with average to above average intelligence who are challenged by learning difficulties. They are youngsters who have often experienced failure and difficulties in other school settings resulting in performance levels not commensurate with their abilities.

The Woodhouse program is designed for students who have identified internalizing psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, school phobia, school refusal, school anxiety, PDD, Aspergers, PTSD, OCD. Our students often struggle with executive functioning skills, social skills, low self-esteem and learning differences. These challenges typically interfere with the students’ academic success. Woodhouse Academy provides students with a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, community based, predictable and structured. The program focuses on providing each student with a solid educational experience while developing the necessary social skills they require, while addressing each student’s IEP.

The program is non-punitive and uses collaborative problem solving as a means of addressing all school and social issues that arise. By employing small class sizes each student receives individualized and personalized attention. The program is not designed for children who are overly aggressive, violent, or sexually inappropriate.

The Woodhouse program focuses on addressing: executive functioning skills, academic competence, social communication, social skills, problem solving skills and emotional growth.
Woodhouse Academy students benefit from a program with:
• Specialization in adolescent life
• Solid educational experiences
• Small class size and meaningful community
• Individualized and personalized attention
• Special education techniques
• Psychoeducational approach
• Parent support and guidance
• Social group skills development
• A Collaborative Problem solving orientation


Evoke Therapy Programs


Evoke Therapy Programs provides personalized help for those struggling with mental health, addiction, common stage-of-life challenges and family turmoil. Our approach of whole-health treatment provides participants an experience to learn, grow and evoke their own inner wisdom. Evoke operates as a close network of service-oriented individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We work collaboratively with each other to help youth, young adults and families reconnect to their healthier, more authentic selves. To learn more about Evoke Therapy Programs visit us at www.evoketherapy.com

Evoke specializes in Wilderness Therapy, a highly effective and research-proven approach for treating teens and young adults, with extensive family support. Evoke has a strong clinical focus and high level of personalized service for each individual and his/her family. Every encounter, assignment, and activity a participant will experience has purpose and intention. Evoke provides individualized therapy and experiential education to help develop greater awareness and insight, and to highlight choices and consequences, guiding participants toward healthy, long-term goals.

A mind, body, spirit approach with a focus on whole health and extensive family support are integral components of the program. Whole health treatment includes a client’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Supporting the mind, body, and spirit connection is essential for long-term, sustainable growth and transformation. Our family support includes an interactive Parent Portal for parents who have children in our wilderness therapy programs, weekly webinars, parent support groups, parent workshops, alumni mentors, and parent and family intensives.

Evoke Therapy Programs provides adventure Pursuit trips. Evoke Pursuits provides single and multi-day adventure trips that include mountaineering, rock-climbing, canyoneering, and all-inclusive international adventure and service oriented trips. Pursuits are for adolescents, young adults and families looking for a recharge, a healthy, sober adventure, or simply a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Evoke Therapy Programs also provides intensive workshops. Evoke Intensives offers programs for individuals, parents, and families. Intensives are 4-Day, 3-Night experiences with education, counseling, psychodrama, and a wilderness therapy experience.

Our philosophy is based on a deep respect for our participants; our expertise is not in providing advice, but creating an experience that evokes a self-discovery of an enduring source of truth–oneself.

Our dedicated and experienced staff are ready to provide information and solutions. Give us a call.

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