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REGIPIO is a publisher of educational games for foreign language learning. We approach the most difficult aspects of language teaching and learning in an unconventional way, based on the idea of learning through play and involvement. We have broad experience at work with both children and adults and offer our unlimited creativity in game design.

REGIPIO board and card games have always been inspired by teachers whose ingenuity, passion, methodology knowledge and practical experience in teaching a foreign language develop your speaking skills and give you good practice in grammar and vocabulary.

The main idea of REGIPIO educational games is to stimulate language development, facilitate the educational process and make it both natural and fun. They foster language learning, and teachers agree that their students become high achievers because of them. Our games make your lessons exciting and your students happy! REGIPIO games are good FUN, MEANINGFUL, and EFFECTIVE.

DK Classroom Outlet



DK Classroom Outlet is a small, family-owned teacher supply store that offers one of the largest online catalogs of high quality teaching supplies available. As we grow, we contiue to listen to our teachers to add new and interesting products to our catalog.

As a small business, we provide the top-notch customer service experience you would expect from a local teach store. We care about you, our customers.



Reflective products for personal safety during hours of dawn, dusk and darkness. 70% of all pedestrian and cyclist accidents occur during these time periods according to the National Highway traffic Safety Agency NHTSA. Many of these tragic occurences can be prevented with the use of reflectors on apparel, book bags, back packs, purses or carry-alongs. Reflectors make the use visible up to 500 feet away from headlintghs, giving the drivers pleanty of tie to avoid contact.
Reflector zipper pulls clip on any zipper, on jackets, jacket pockets, back backs, book bags, purses, luggage, anything that has a zipper pull can be reflectorized.
Reflector armbands and legbands are simple and easy to wear.
Sneaker reflectors are available in sticker form or as lace tags, attacing to the sneaker through the laces,
Bicycle reflectors attach to the frame, the handlebars, and to the rieders and their helmets.
New Magneflex magnetic reflectors slip on any fabric part, pockets, cuffs, sleeves, etc.

Clothing Labels 4U.com

The perfect affordable finishing touch to your clothing products is our custom woven cloth fabric labels and clothing tags. These are professionally woven cloth labels used by many large garment manufacturers, designers, and crafters who rely on our professional services. Woven clothing labels are the ultimate finishing touch! We have a very low minimum order quantities and offer free samples of our work available to be sent to you, unlike many woven label manufacturers. Choose from custom woven clothing labels or adhesive clothing labels and we also offer iron on camp clothing labels and iron on name tags. Now you can have the same professional look with personalized custom labels or iron on patches as custom clothing labels and hang tags for your own garments or projects. Personalized iron on clothing labels are inexpensive and fun. These custom clothing labels come in your choice of Damask labels, taffeta labels, satin labels, or semi-damask fabric labels. Regardless of the configuration you choose for your name labels, we offer exceptional woven clothing labels at affordable prices. We also specialize in Kids clothing labels for toddlers and children. We will custom design kids clothing labels for cloth products and toddler clothing designs. Many of our customers create custom clothes for toddlers and user our custom child labels. We’re proud of our labels… you will be, too. We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you. …..
Specializing in T Shirt Tags and Labels and T Shirt Hang tags ………and Now offering Hem tags!!

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