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Chinese Theatre Works

exploration of the ancient performance medium of Overhead Projector (OP) Shadow Theater. The workshop will provide a hands-on understanding of the techniques of creating a original shadow production, using basic crafting techniques. Participants are guided in the process of designing and constructing their own OP shadow figures. Working in small groups, they create, rehearse and perform their own original story. The workshop culminates with a presentation of each group’s productions.

Chinese Opera workshops- introduces participants to the world of classic Chinese performance. Skilled professional opera performers guide participants to understand history and aesthetics of Chinese Opera an use practical demonstration and video lectures to introduce the art form and its key elements and concepts. Hands on training in simple movement and choreography, participants learn not only with their minds, but also with their bodies.

Midwest School Assemblies


Midwest School Assembly Presenters offer over 20 teacher and student approved school assemblies and family night shows for elementary and middle school audiences. Our assemblies are available exclusively to schools in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Some of our most popular assemblies include:

The Dollars and Sense Show: A popular elementary assembly program in Michigan and Ohio since 1994, The message in the Dollars and Sense Show is now more important than ever. This unique school assembly blends themes of money responsiblity, saving money, and budgeting with amazing money magic, kid-friendly comedy, and cool and colorful visual elements. The Dollars and Sense school assembly is specifically designed for grades K-6. GRANTS and discounts for this program are often available.

Social Studies Blast Elementary Game Show: Patterned after your student’s favorite game shows on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and PBS, the Social Studies Blast Elementary Game Show is guaranteed to get your school cheering and excited about social studies. This is not a “question and answer” game show, but rather an interactive game show where students compete in outrageous and fun stunts and challenges that have a social studies theme. Students learn about community, leaders, past Presidents, cultural diversity, Great Lakes, and more…all while cheering on their team in a controlled, fun-filled, show. The games are designed to allow students from all grade levels to participate. Performances available for K-6 and K-8 grades.

Six Pillars of Character Assembly: The Six Pillars of Character assembly program presents messages of Respect, Honesty, No Bullying and Character Building in a way that is fun, entertaining, and will have students laughing…and thinking. This assembly program helps Illinois schools meet state requirements for no bullying programs. It has also been acknowleged by the state of Michigan for being an important tool for keeping schools bully free.

Harpbeat of America: This assembly program takes students on a musical “journey” across America. Award-winning children’s musical group, HARPBEAT, weaves stories about American history, famous Americans, and Geography in with toe-tapping songs that get students and teachers singing and dancing along. A great program for American History, Black History Month and President’s Day celebrations. This concert is also great for family nights and PTA events at your elementary school. HARPBEAT is available for Michigan and Ohio schools.

Halloween Harvest Magic Show: A Halloween magic show that is specifically designed to be fun and festive for elementary grade level audiences. NOTHING scary, spooky or inappropriate in this show…just good, clean, silly Halloween fun. This Halloween assembly includes colorful stage decorations and music to help set the tone for some Halloween fun. A HARVEST TIME version of this assembly is also available for schools who want less of a Halloween theme.

Getting Excited About Science: This is the ultimate science assembly. Getting Excited About Science has been presented in hundreds of Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio schools, and it is the science program teachers and students want back every year. There are plenty of “ooh” and “ahh” moments with amazing demonstrations of scientific principles that go hand in hand with elementary and middle school science curriculum. A general science show and specialized assemblies with specific science topics (electricity, chemistry, space travel, motion) are available. Assemblies are available for both elementary and middle school audiences.

Think Green: A Healthy Planet Show: An energetic assembly that teaches students about the importance of recycling and reducing waste to help the planet. Fun interactive demonstrations, lots of comedy, and student participation makes this show a hit with elementary audiences. Think Green: A Healthy Planet Show is fun anytime of the year, but the environmental messages are perfect for Earth Day and Ecology projects.

We have over 20 assembly programs available for Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana schools at our website. Call our Michigan office at (586)913-3036 and we would be happy to recommend programs that fit your goals.

Mary Jo Maichack, Maichack Arts

You are reaching into the soul of my teaching, Mary Jo, and the very part that seems to be missing right now as I am new and working so hard to meet standards and framework requirements. The puppets and stories are coming out and will find a way to work in unison with the District Goals!! Thank you! I miss my furry friends and musical instruments! It’s time to begin storytelling at I.O.E.!!! Laura Mankowsky/Grade 1 Teacher

Mary Jo Maichack was extremely interactive and charismatic. She often acted out tales and had the children do so as well. The students were very engaged when she was here. The thing I liked best about the storytelling is that she always asked what the students were working on. For example, when we were working on story elements, she discussed characters, setting, problem, solution as she performed. I personally thought that the storyteller was wonderful. She was fun, informative, and held the students to her positive behavior expectations. She had new stories for them and taught them activities that she encouraged them to share at home. She made sure that all willing children were able to participate and act out the little skits with exciting props.–Terry Dupont, first grade
Mary Jo,

I can’t thank you enough for today! The kids loved their time with you and talked about it for the rest of the day. When I explained again that you would be back next Thursday, the cheer they let out was awesome! They also sang, hummed and danced to the drum song throughout the day. One child would start and the rest would join in until they were all singing! It’s always exciting to see such joy on their faces. We can’t wait for next week!

Thank you again, Carole–teacher, Springfield, MA



Our mission is to bring a new energy towards success using our sport to both entertain and inspire students of all ages. The hook is the LIVE Stunt Show, the purpose is to create a high-energy impactful experience whereby students get a powerful subconscious connection between drug-free positive motivational choices can and will deliver success. Our mission in short is to help them draw their own conclusions that life is fun, exciting, challenging and fulfilling when we focus on positive goals and dreams and never even consider polluting our minds, bodies or lungs with harmful substances or negative thoughts.

Dennis Swiftdeer Paige


Established in 1989, Swiftdeer-Paige, an earth friendly company, has been “edutaining” thousands of people young and old throughout the country on the important ecological issues of our times. Offering age appropriate programs for all seasons, Swiftdeer-Paige is strongly committed to inspiring a greater desire for a more balanced relationship with the web of life. Making his new home in the wild and scenic foothills of Conifer, CO, Swiftdeer continues to live every day as if the earth matters. His programs are geared to building a rich heritage of indigenous stories to entertain and enlighten audiences toward a caring and wiser relationship with nature.

Dennis Paige has been awarded the 2008 Grassroots Conservation Leadership Award from the Audubon-Chicago Region and the Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project. This award reminds people that so many of us have a profound love for nature and that this love inspires us to do extraordinary things.

In Their Footsteps: Theatre Piece of The True Stories that Served in the Vietnam War

We have two workshops.
One that teaches the kids a bit about The Vietnam War. The classroom is split into two groups. Using a photo and a poem that depicts the Vietnam War, we ask the kids to create gestures based on each. Then each group adds their own dialogue to their gestures.
The class gives feedback and then the photo and poem and their actually meaning behind the war are discussed. A bit of information about the play they are going to see is discussed ending on what theatre pieces the students themselves want to write.

The second workshop that can be offered is one that teaches kids how to take interviews and create their own piece of theatre. The curriculum starts with the kids learning how to use their imagination to create scenes and memories. The next step is the kids interviewing each other and recreating these scenes. Ending with the scenes being intertwined together.
If possible we like to partner this particular workshop with an outreach program. In the past the kids have interviewed men and women in nursing homes as the last part of the project to create a short play of their lives. How far the workshop goes depends on location and resources. The purpose of the workshop is to bring in a sense of inclusiveness and use Documentary Theatre to hear, listen and better understand those around us.


Mad Science of St. Louis


Mad Science is on a mission to spark the imagination and curiosity of children by providing them with fun, interactive and educational programs that instill a clear understanding of what science is, and how it affects their world.


Jubilee Gang


Jubilee Gang Public School Assemblies are designed to encourage children to win at life and to not let anything hold them back from being successful. We teach through fast paced, adrenaline blasted games that will be used as object lessons to springboard the message of winning at life, making good decisions, and daring to step out and do new things. The entire program will include Multi Media presentations including video clips, teaching a power thought put to a hip hop beat, and interactive game shows on a screen to keep the program exciting. Our program last around 50 minutes, however; the schedule can be modified to fit time constraints. We come with our own inflate-a-set, video system , and sound system.


FUNance – Where Fun and Finance Collide!

As a former Financial Planner and Accredited Asset Manager Specialist (College of Financial Planning), Brad Zupp is uniquely qualified to teach students about the importance of math and personal finance. He uses his 30 years of worldwide performing experience to entertain grades K-6 while helping them grasp abstract finance concepts like budgeting, saving, needs and wants and more.

Students leave the assembly grasping concepts that many adults don’t, with an ability to not only understand math and money, but know how they can get more of what they want, all without begging and pleading!

Brad Zupp started his professional performing career at age 12, entertaining people at fairs, festivals, and corporate events through age 17, when he attended the prestigious Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in Venice, Florida.

After two years performing with Ringling Brothers circus, he continued his performing career internationally for over 20 years, on cruise ships, at theme parks, schools and corporate events worldwide.

He put performing on the back burner for several years in his 30s while pursuing a successful career as a financial planner with A.G. Edwards & Sons and Wachovia Securities, helping families with personal finance issues, investments and estate planning. He held a Series 7 license in addition to earning an Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation from the College for Financial Planning.

With the FUNance For Kids Assembly Show, Brad combines his passion for entertaining “children of all ages” and his enthusiasm for helping people (even kids) make sound financial decisions. By using the performing arts, including magic, storytelling, comedy and circus arts, Brad makes learning about math and personal finance both fun and memorable.


The Feats of Memory Show


A fun academic assembly that shows students in grades 3 to 12 how to improve grades and make school easier by remembering more of what they see, hear and read. Students learn: The 3 “must-do” steps to remembering anything • How homework and review scientifically improve memory • The keys to improved recall • Why we forget and how to remember better, making test-taking and classroom participation easier & less stressful • Tools and techniques to solve the most common memory problems, including spelling, foreign languages, vocabulary words and definitions, and how to focus better in class

EVERYONE HAS A GREAT TIME LEARNING BECAUSE THE ASSEMBLY IS FILLED WITH: • Amazing feats of memory, including taking only seconds to memorize a student-provided random number and recalling the names of dozens of students • Circus skills like balancing and juggling, all of which relate to the discussion at hand and make the show memorable and fun • Comedy (Brad’s years as an entertainer keep everyone smiling throughout the show)


– The 3 “most-do” steps to remember more of what they see, read and hear
– How homework and review scientifically improve memory
– The keys to improved recall
– Why we forget and how to remember better, making test-taking and classroom participation easier & less stressful
– Tools and techniques to solve the most common memory problems


– Amazing feats of memory, including taking only seconds to memorize a student-provided random number and recalling the names of dozens of students
– Circus skills like balancing and juggling, all of which relate to the discussion at hand and make the show memorable and fun
– Comedy (Brad’s years as an entertainer keep everyone smiling throughout the show)


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