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Howard W. Blake High School


Howard W. Blake High School opened in 1956 as an African-American high school in the West Tampa area. Blake High School offered a general education with a vocational emphasis offering classes in masonry, woodworking, mechanics, and radio repair. When federal law ended segregation, Blake became a junior high in 1971.

The School District of Hillsborough County purchased land on the Hillsborough River near the original Blake site and opened the new Blake High School in 1997. Blake High School was the first “performing arts magnet high school” in the county. Specifically, the Blake Performing and Visual Arts Center is an arts “magnet” for 800 students and serves local students in its traditional program, as well. The new Blake High School, situated on the picturesque Hillsborough River, is a state of the art structure unique in its fine arts focus.

Howard W. Blake, a Tampa native, attended Florida A & M University, Clafin University, and Atlanta University. He served as principal of the Booker T. Washington Junior High School for twenty-one years. His outstanding career as a college athlete and high school coach became the basis of a deep personal conviction. His entire life was geared toward guiding young people to their optimal educational and vocational potential through teamwork and scholastic achievement.


Forest Park Individual Education School

Forest Park I.E. is Joliet’s only public elementary school offering Corsini’s 4R Individual Education/Adlerian philosophy. As a magnet school, parents must choose to enroll their children after attending an informational meeting. Forest Park I.E. educates the whole child: (academics, student responsibility, exploratory/creative courses, and individual counseling). We provide a unique educational choice and also attract a racially diverse student population throughout the city.

Technology High School

Technology High School offers a challenging, comprehensive, college-preparatory high school program highlighting an innovative science, engineering, and mathematics curriculum. This is guided by the California Common Core Standards and our Integrated Science & Engineering Model. Interdisciplinary projects are also assigned through English, art, and social studies. This unique approach to integrated curriculum provides opportunities for powerful teaching and learning. Project-based learning (PBL) is a model for classroom activity that emphasizes learning activities that are long-term, interdisciplinary, student-centered, and integrated with real world issues and practices. Projects at Technology High School range from computer-based to those built in our shop and at home. Many of the projects require students work together
collaboratively to solve problems.

Brentwood Magnet Elementary School of Engineering

The Engineering magnet program emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. Student engineers solve real-world problems using their content knowledge, notebooking, and innovative thinking. Students engage in grander Challenge-Based Learning modules in the MakerSpace, a creative learning environment where students utilize the Engineering Design Process to ask critical questions, imagine possibilities, plan collaboratively, create innovative solutions, and improve continuously.

Brentwood follows the Common Core Standard Course of Study math and literacy, and the North Carolina Essential Standards for science and social studies.

Fox Road Magnet Elementary

The mission of Fox Road Elementary Magnet School is to development life-long learners, in a welcoming
and challenging world class school embracing intercultural understanding, so they are well prepared for
their future as knowledgeable, inquiring, caring, and contributing citizens committed to creating a better


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