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Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles

SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles seeks to provide its students with maximum opportunities to develop and enrich their personal potential by means of attention to the “ whole person.” Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles is unique in that its students come from all over the world and represent all ethnic,k religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Through the dynamic relationship of our world-class French/European program and the equally regarded North American approach to learning, our students develop their intellect to the highest possible level. The fruits of this union are such qualities as a capacity for incisive and analytical thought, immersion in the riches of the humanities, and a strong global perspective in all our students. Another result of this synergistic coupling is our students’ heightened sensitivity, respect, and appreciation for other points of view. Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles fosters an environment that is conducive to respect for cultural differences and encourages multicultural dialogue and exchange. Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles also holds dear the fundamental principle of the equality of all peoples without consideration to race, ethnicity, or religion. Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles students live and breathe diversity. They resolve conflicts daily, and they experience the entire world each day on the playground. The founders’ vision of creating a world community in microcosm, embedded in a classical educational program, has offered, and will continue to offer, students the unique opportunity to experience, in vivo, the value of lifelong learning and the rich diversity of all people.

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