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Bellevue Christian School

Brothers Joe and Al Greene founded Bellevue Christian School in the basement of Juanita Community Church in 1950. They had a vision for Christ-centered education.

They had formed the idea of a school in the mission field and in church service work. The Greenes were influenced by the newly developing Christian education philosophies of Rev. Peter DeJong, Dr. Mark Fakkema, Professor H. Evan Runner and Abraham Kuyper.

One of the unique aspects of the Greenes’ educational philosophy was their willingness to let scripture and Christian educational theories and constructs frame training and practice.

The theories of Herman Dooyeweerd, Peter Shouls, Harvy Cox and Dr. Francis Schaeffer were discussed and debated by the early faculty as Al Greene encouraged and fostered the spirit of finding God’s purposes for what a Christ-centered education should be.

The Wilberforce School


The Wilberforce School was founded to provide a distinctively Christian education characterized by academic excellence and joyful discovery within a classical framework.

North Florida Christian School


The mission of North Florida Christian School is to prepare the leaders of tomorrow by providing a program of academic excellence through Christian education, thereby equipping them to glorify God.

Central Christian Academy


We believe the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments, are verbally inspired by God and inerrant in the original writing and is God’s final word to humanity for faith and practice. We believe in one eternal and holy God who exists as three persons — God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe in the creation of the world by God in six literal days by the word of His mouth. We believe that man was created in the image of God. However, because man disobeyed God, all men are born with a sinful nature which alienates them from God and condemns them to eternal death. We believe God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be born of a virgin, to live a sinless life, to die a cruel death as a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind, and to have victory over death, and that He now lives in Heaven interceding for believers. We believe that all who place their trust in Christ are justified in the eyes of God by the blood of Jesus as the only payment for their sins. Acceptance of His gift of salvation is the only basis for a personal relationship with God and salvation from eternal death. We believe God sends His Holy Spirit at salvation to live within each who accepts Christ as his Savior, to convict of sin and to guide him in accordance with His Word. We believe in the imminent return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe in the bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust — the just to eternal blessing with the Lord and the unjust to everlasting punishment.

Far West Academy


• “The glory of God is intelligence . . . ” (D&C 93:36)
• Children of all ages are ready and willing to learn at their own pace and level.
• Every opportunity will be given each individual student to discover and develop the intelligences, talents, skills, character and passions that lie within.
• Instruction and learning will be blended at the appropriate age and grade level.
• The successful student is the engaged student, whether through critically analyzing a new topic, discovering new concepts through social interactions, or quietly studying assigned work on his or her own, as skills and knowledge are expanded.
• Students will learn to critically think by analyzing, evaluating, applying and synthesizing knowledge to solve problems.
• Students will learn to be creative by trying new ways to get things done.
• Students will collaborate by working with others towards a common goal.
• Students will communicate as they share ideas through verbal, non-verbal, and written methods.

• Our bodies are temples, gifts from God. (See For the Strength of Youth, p. 26)
• By following the principles as outlined in the Word of Wisdom we will “…receive health in [our] navel[s] and marrow to [our] bones; and shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge.” (D&C 89:19)
• Students will develop their natural, creative, and innovative skills.
• Daily physical activity is an important part of a student’s education.
• Students will learn about health, nutrition, and exercise.

• Emotional health is important and may affect a student’s spiritual and physical well-being. (See For the Strength of Youth, p. 27)
• Students will be given opportunities in a safe and caring environment to deal with the occasional disappointment that is part of mortality.
• Students will develop communicative skills with competency in oral, written, and technological productions.
• Students will learn to collaborate and work with others towards a common goal.
• Caring adults will work with the students and parents to find healthy solutions to problems.
• Success in education is determined by success in relationships. All relationships will be nurtured and fostered to the fullest extent possible.

• All things are spiritual unto the Lord. (See D&C 29:34)
• The Holy Ghost is the true teacher who teaches us all things. (see John 14:26; Moroni 10:5)
• As students lose themselves in the service of others they will draw closer to the Lord. (see Matthew 16:25)
• Prayer and scriptures will be used in instruction and learning.

• Extensive studies show that parents/guardians are the single most important determining factor for a child’s educational success. We are here to support the family and build a stronger community.
• The most important factor institutionally for a student’s success is the teacher. Therefore, we aim to:
o follow the Spirit as we teach students. (see D&C 42:14)
o have the best qualified, professional teacher in every classroom.
o direct as much financial and other resources as possible to the classroom and supportive, educational activities.
o support each individual teacher with appropriate professional development opportunities throughout the year.
o give each teacher annual goals and objectives along with reasonable and timely evaluative feedback.
• Learning will be spiral in nature as students continue to build on prior knowledge and skills.
• Success in education is like a three-legged stool in that the student, the parents/guardians, and the teacher are all working together in a harmonic effort.
• Learning is a journey and the teachers will always plan with the destination in mind while making regular assessments (formative) along the path that culminate in assessing whether or not the students mastered the learning objective(s) (summative).
• Instruction will engage the students’ senses.
• Instruction will be given in multiple modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile) to address diverse learning styles.

Veritas School

Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and vision necessary to be effective leaders and servants for Christ in a wide variety of professions and vocations. We seek to raise up a generation of young people who have a genuine love of learning, who love Jesus Christ with all their hearts and minds, and who can articulate the Christian message with clarity, creativity, and power.

Weston Christian Academy

Located on a five acre campus in the heart of Weston, Weston Christian Academy makes use of the First Baptist Church of Weston’s beautiful facilities. In addition to classrooms that easily accommodate our low student-teacher ratio, our students enjoy the school’s specialty rooms, such as an Elementary Science Lab, a Middle School Science Lab, an Art studio, Library, indoor Gym, Latin, Spanish and a state-of-the-art Computer Lab.

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