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The Studio School


The Studio School is a public charter school providing an exemplary problem- and project-driven educational program for​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​students in grades 9-12. We offer a studio-based visual arts, media arts, design, and engineering focused curriculum combined with rigorous, interdisciplinary liberal arts studies, and local, national, and world-wide experiential service-learning opportunities for all students. We cultivate students’ capacity for creativity, curiosity, empathy, and 21st Century citizenship while supporting the development of their personal, creative voice and leadership abilities.



Academy For Urban Leadership Charter School


Founded in 2010 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, the Academy for Urban Leadership Charter School is one of Middlesex County’s comprehensive Public Charter Schools that serves students in seventh through twelfth grades. The school operates under the terms of a charter granted by the New Jersey Department of Education.

When the school first opened in 2010, it did not have the books, tables, or classrooms necessary for students to be in an adequate learning environment. Even the principal, at the time, had to serve as a lunch aide. Since then, AUL has developed to help students receive the education they deserve. AUL has expanded by opening two new campuses, expecting to provide the opportunity for students to continue to succeed, with graduation and college admission, as two of its goals.

AUL offers an advanced academic track and AP courses.



Oakland Avenue Charter School


Oakland Avenue Charter School is dedicated to providing children with an education that is built on the foundation of community and collaboration. Through cooperation and concerted efforts from parents, fellow students, and community members our students will be prepared citizens for the world of tomorrow.

Oakland Avenue Charter School will offer students a comprehensive educational program focusing on core curriculum, civic and community engagement, and an infusion of literacy, science, arts, and leading edge technologies.

PACE Academy


The mission of PACE Academy is to provide an alternative, focused, individualized educational program designed to enable all students to earn and recover credit in order to graduate and to become self-motivated and competent adults who are prepared for a career or college after high school.

Noah Webster Schools


Noah Webster School is a public, non-profit, charter school located in Mesa, Arizona. Our school caters to Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade students with a digital, hands-on and challenging curriculum that is aligned with and goes beyond Arizona’s State Standards. With Noah Webster’s competitive edge, students are placed into classes by level of ability to allow each individual student to be challenged, but not overwhelmed. By integrating differentiated learning, students work ahead of the traditional grade level as they prepare for future college and careers.

Education for the 21st Century:
Noah Webster School not only gives your child the basic education they need, they also provide them with tools to help them succeed later in life. All of our classrooms have laptops for our students, and we also use a digital curriculum. Studies are showing that children that are given a digital advantage, such as in a laptop enabled classroom, reach junior high school and high school with a firm lead over their peers. We believe in quality education that uses all of the technology and educational trends of the 21st century along with tried and true teaching methods.

Accountability and Academic Excellence:
We know each child has individual learning needs. Whatever level your child is at, or needs to be at, we can help them to reach that level or even work ahead of that level. Our commitment is to ensure that each student is challenged academically and prepared for future college attendance as well as going onto the workforce. Students will experience success on a daily basis. We take responsibility and we are accountable for the progress of each student.

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