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Spanish Workshop for Children

Your child being welcomed by an expert bilingual teacher and excited classmates before embarking on a journey of discovery, exploration and adventure … a journey into the Spanish-speaking world that is limited only by the power of the imagination. This imaginary world is the reality of Spanish Workshop for Children, where learning Spanish is pure enjoyment and fun! From the moment your child (as young as 15 months old) steps foot into this world, he or she is surrounded by the sounds of the Spanish language. Our multi-sensory immersion approach stimulates every child’s natural learning style.

Raíces Del Saber Xinachtli Community School


Raíces del Saber Xinachtli Community School implements a developmentally appropriate rigorous academic program through an interdisciplinary curriculum that is experiential, participatory, biliterate, child-centered, and culturally responsive.

Our students learn Spanish and English, achieving academic proficiency in all subjects in both languages as they develop critical and creative thinking skills.

​Raíces creates an environment where students and parents are valued as participants in the construction of knowledge and the creation of a learning community that promotes high academic performance, positive identity formation, and the reclaiming of cultural heritage.

Unidos Dual Language Charter School

Unidos Dual Language Charter School empowers students to become responsible and productive citizens in an international community.
At Unidos Dual Language Charter School, we read, write, and speak Spanish and English and we respect and learn from people who are different from us.

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