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U.S. Barricades


Welcome to U.S. Barricades LLC
An innovative leader in traffic control safety products and equipment, U.S. Barricades is dedicated to provide the most reliable traffic safety products made in the United States.

Corporate info
In 1999 U.S. Barricades became a specialized traffic control company in developing and manufacturing Jersey Style Barriers, Parking Barrier Gates, Solar Powered Warning Beacon Systems and Pedestrian Safety Products. In 2005 U.S. Barricades expanded its product line and established our name as America’s number one traffic control company, specializing in advanced solar powered systems serving Aviation, Railroad and Marine industries.

Competing in a Global Industry
Superior quality and workmanship, all of these strengths have allowed U.S. Barricades products to become a leader in an industry where nothing less than top-quality is acceptable. Today, we operate a global business from our corporate office and factory in Stamford, Connecticut. Product development and applications engineering are performed in house. The majority of our products are manufactured, assembled and shipped from our Connecticut headquarters. Known for superior durability and reliability in an industry that’s governed by exacting specification and codes, U.S. Barricades products are designed to conform or exceed standards.

Innovative Systems for the New Millennium
U.S. Barricades continually develops and expands product lines to meet ever more stringent benchmarks for safety, reliability, performance and longevity. Each product contains new technologies representing a major investment of time, talent and capital toward a new era in traffic control products. Our industry faces unprecedented customer demands and competition, spurred by a succession of technological breakthroughs. Our new products respond not only to the changing demands of our customers, but also to the global shift toward computerized control and solar powered lighting systems. With an eye to the future, U.S. Barricades is leading the way for safety.

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Far West Academy


• “The glory of God is intelligence . . . ” (D&C 93:36)
• Children of all ages are ready and willing to learn at their own pace and level.
• Every opportunity will be given each individual student to discover and develop the intelligences, talents, skills, character and passions that lie within.
• Instruction and learning will be blended at the appropriate age and grade level.
• The successful student is the engaged student, whether through critically analyzing a new topic, discovering new concepts through social interactions, or quietly studying assigned work on his or her own, as skills and knowledge are expanded.
• Students will learn to critically think by analyzing, evaluating, applying and synthesizing knowledge to solve problems.
• Students will learn to be creative by trying new ways to get things done.
• Students will collaborate by working with others towards a common goal.
• Students will communicate as they share ideas through verbal, non-verbal, and written methods.

• Our bodies are temples, gifts from God. (See For the Strength of Youth, p. 26)
• By following the principles as outlined in the Word of Wisdom we will “…receive health in [our] navel[s] and marrow to [our] bones; and shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge.” (D&C 89:19)
• Students will develop their natural, creative, and innovative skills.
• Daily physical activity is an important part of a student’s education.
• Students will learn about health, nutrition, and exercise.

• Emotional health is important and may affect a student’s spiritual and physical well-being. (See For the Strength of Youth, p. 27)
• Students will be given opportunities in a safe and caring environment to deal with the occasional disappointment that is part of mortality.
• Students will develop communicative skills with competency in oral, written, and technological productions.
• Students will learn to collaborate and work with others towards a common goal.
• Caring adults will work with the students and parents to find healthy solutions to problems.
• Success in education is determined by success in relationships. All relationships will be nurtured and fostered to the fullest extent possible.

• All things are spiritual unto the Lord. (See D&C 29:34)
• The Holy Ghost is the true teacher who teaches us all things. (see John 14:26; Moroni 10:5)
• As students lose themselves in the service of others they will draw closer to the Lord. (see Matthew 16:25)
• Prayer and scriptures will be used in instruction and learning.

• Extensive studies show that parents/guardians are the single most important determining factor for a child’s educational success. We are here to support the family and build a stronger community.
• The most important factor institutionally for a student’s success is the teacher. Therefore, we aim to:
o follow the Spirit as we teach students. (see D&C 42:14)
o have the best qualified, professional teacher in every classroom.
o direct as much financial and other resources as possible to the classroom and supportive, educational activities.
o support each individual teacher with appropriate professional development opportunities throughout the year.
o give each teacher annual goals and objectives along with reasonable and timely evaluative feedback.
• Learning will be spiral in nature as students continue to build on prior knowledge and skills.
• Success in education is like a three-legged stool in that the student, the parents/guardians, and the teacher are all working together in a harmonic effort.
• Learning is a journey and the teachers will always plan with the destination in mind while making regular assessments (formative) along the path that culminate in assessing whether or not the students mastered the learning objective(s) (summative).
• Instruction will engage the students’ senses.
• Instruction will be given in multiple modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile) to address diverse learning styles.

International Virtual Learning Academy


Choices: We believe every student is unique and therefore we offer a variety of learning platforms. Check out our Demos to find the perfect fit for your student!

Accreditation: We are fully accredited through AdvanceEd.

Affordability: Enjoy all the components of our program – enriching curriculum, teacher support and a personal mentor – at one low cost.

Flexibility: We offer year-round open enrollment to meet the individual needs of our students and families.

Convenience: All of our courses are online and available to parents and students 24/7.

Freedom: Our self-paced curriculum gives our students the ability to explore their interests and passions while getting a quality education.

Commitment: IVLA Administration, teachers and staff are committed to the success of our students and the satisfaction of our families.

Teacher Support: Our licensed teachers grade student work, offer guided assistance through courses and provide feedback to students and parents. Teachers communicate with students via messaging, email and live virtual classroom.

Mentor Support: Each full-time K-12 student will have a school mentor who will work closely with the student and family throughout the school year.

Social Interaction: Students will enjoy live homeroom sessions where they will meet other IVLA students from around the world.

High School Clubs: International Virtual Learning Academy is excited to offer high school clubs to students.  As always, we strive to make our students’ online education experience the best it can be!  Clubs are a great way to meet other students, enhance learning in your area of special interest or learn something new. Clubs will meet on a regular basis in a secure online classroom.

Tiger Medical, Inc.


Tiger Medical… Providing for you – and your patients!

Tiger Medical, Inc. is committed to providing for all the medical needs of doctors and patients. From setting up a practice to providing for the needs of home care patients, we are here for you. We have the knowledge and experience you can rely on to help you find the right products for your needs and at the best possible price. We stock many of our products in our own 50,000 Sq. ft. warehouse, located in Irvington, NJ. Most of our products can be shipped within 48 hours across the 48 contiguous United States. We ship to Canada as well. You can count on us to get your supplies to your door on time, every time.

What we Do…

Our product line is broad; we provide medical equipment, physician’s furniture, renewable supplies, as well as DME for home and nursing care facilities. Although our line includes a wide range of products, we don’t simply skim the surface to supply only the basics. We really get into each segment to meet your needs. From basic exam tables to insufflator bulbs, from power wheelchairs to hard to find spare parts, if you need it we’ll get it to you. Go ahead and browse our online catalog and see for yourself!

Our Service is Key!

  • Our dedicated sales and technical support staff are on call to help you. We don’t try to dehumanize the process of purchasing by pushing you off when you call. We are happy to accept communications from you, be it a question regarding a product you are interested in, or an issue with a product already purchased, so that we can better service you. If there’s something that we don’t know, we will actively research your question to your satisfaction.
  • Once you place an order, our processing department gets right to work making sure your order is fulfilled quickly. Items that we stock are duly shipped within 48 hours. For items that we must special order, we diligently stay in close contact with our suppliers and vendors, to make sure your order is being handled efficiently. We stay on top of your order from the moment you place it with us until the product arrives safely at your door.
  • Once you receive the product, we don’t leave you alone. If any issues with the product come up, we are here to help you with troubleshooting and technical support. Should you need to make a return, we give you the same attention that we give to our purchasing customers. Our many satisfied customers can attest to the fact that we are there for them. See our complete Returns Policy.

Center Academy

Center Academy began in 1968 with the vision of its founder, Dr. Mack Hicks. Seeing the need for a specialized, full-day school for students who were falling through the cracks in traditional schools, Dr. Hicks established one of the first schools in the United States to focus on the needs of students with Attention Deficit Disorder and other neuropsychological processing difficulties. With a team of professionals in the fields of neuro-psychology, education, and individualized remediation, Center Academy opened its first classrooms in the Science Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. The school focused on remediating learning disabilities and providing a small, focused, and positive learning environment for students who had experienced academic frustration, and for whom tutoring and other part-time programs were not successful. In 1974, Center Academy opened a campus in London, England in response to requests by parents and professionals. In the US, the St. Petersburg Center Academy moved to larger sites as the school expanded to meet the needs of more students. It moved to its permanent location in Pinellas Park, FL in 1974, finding a peaceful, 10-acre setting with horses and room to grow. In 1976, Center Academy established a campus in Tampa, FL. Initially, Center Academy worked with elementary students who were struggling with large schools, ineffective teaching methods, or one-size-fits-all approaches to learning. Over the years, the scope of Center Academy expanded to include other students, and in 1984, Center Academy began its high school program. The Pinellas Park and Tampa schools celebrated their first graduating class in 1987. In 1988, Center Academy was awarded a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to develop and research the effectiveness of individualized remedial programs for students with a wide range of learning disabilities. While developing these programs, Center Academy provided free evaluations and remediation to over 200 students under the NIMH grant. As Center Academy has expanded to locations around Florida and Georgia, it has stayed true to its mission and kept its focus on addressing the unique needs of each student.

New Jersey City University Community Music School

The mission of the NJCU Community Music School is to provide students with a well-rounded music curriculum and education. NJCUCMS faculty members are strongly dedicated to meeting the demands of their students’ varied musical goals and talents.

Why Should I Take Lessons at NJCU’s CMS?

  • lessons and classes at CMS are student-focused, flexible, and supportive
  • we strive to create a positive environment in which all students can pursue their musical dreams
  • participate in student recitals, hear your teacher play in faculty performances, and experience mock auditions
  • access to meet music legends who frequently pass through the campus of New Jersey City University

Why Should I Make Music?

  • foster self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to work with others
  • exercise the brain and inspire creativity
  • reinforce the values of commitment, discipline, and hard work
  • Enhance cognitive development
  • and most importantly, TO HAVE FUN!

What Instruments Do You Teach?

We have specialists for nearly every instrument – check out our list of instruments that we teach!

  • flute, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, saxophone, bassoon
  • trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, tuba
  • voice
  • piano
  • strings
  • guitar
  • drums



We are a national Material Handling master distributor, a GSA contractor and licensed contractor in Nevada who networks with other contractors nationally. Please visit our website, http://www.source4industries.com, to get an idea of some items we offer. If you are in Nevada, you can also see our other website, http://www.lasvegaspalletracking.com, for storage products and more.


The Plastic Lumber Store LLC


Recycled & Green products for Commercial, Government and residential applications. Plastic Lumber and related products, recycled rubber, LED lighting, and Solar products.


Carroll Lutheran School


Started in 1996 as a dream of the Westminster Conference of Pastors of the Delaware/Maryland Synod of the ELCA, CLS opeened its doors in September 2000, with 38 students and 3 teachers. During those first years, CLS met at St. Benjamin’s Lutheran Church in Westminster. In January 2007, the school moved to its own location on Route 140 just outside of Westminster.


AAA Lead Consultants and Inspections, Inc.


Who we are and what we do: AAA Lead Consultants and Inspections, Inc. is a California based corporation originally formed in December of 1992 as a sole proprietor business and then incorporated in August of 2000. We are recognized as one of the pioneers in the lead inspection industry. We provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive lead based paint reports available. Our reports include a narrative of the work practices used, description of the property and summary of our findings. All test results are presented in an easy to understand format including tables of results, photos of lead containing components and diagrams of the structure tested. Our Goals: AAA Lead Consultants and Inspections, Inc. was established to offer quality consulting, inspections, project oversight and comprehensive work plans for safe work practices with regards to lead based paint and other lead containing materials. Company Principal: Michael Cohn is the corporations CEO. Mr. Cohn took the first Lead in Construction course offered in California in 1992 at the University of San Diego, San Diego, California and earned his EPA certificate in Lead Inspector Training # I0024 and Lead Abatement Training for Supervisors and Contractors # S0167. Mr. Cohn currently holds California Department of Public Health Certifications for Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor, Project Design, Project Monitor and Project Supervisor. Mr. Cohn serves on the expert panel with the California Department of Public Health and has been instrumental in helping write the lead related certification exams. Services: Lead Inspections and Assessments Lead Job Specific Specifications Project Design Abatement Oversight Project Monitoring Post Abatement Clearance Data Interpretation Documentation

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