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Eat this! Summer Camp

The Recipe for Success Foundation’s Eat This! Summer Camp™ has become a highly popular and effective program. For several years, we conducted our camps at Houston area schools for only their registered students. In 2012 we began offering camp through open enrollment to all interested children at RecipeHouse, which is conveniently located in Houston’s Museum District.

Weston Christian Academy

Located on a five acre campus in the heart of Weston, Weston Christian Academy makes use of the First Baptist Church of Weston’s beautiful facilities. In addition to classrooms that easily accommodate our low student-teacher ratio, our students enjoy the school’s specialty rooms, such as an Elementary Science Lab, a Middle School Science Lab, an Art studio, Library, indoor Gym, Latin, Spanish and a state-of-the-art Computer Lab.

Cloud 3C, LLC

Cloud 3C is an expert in business communication systems that use the Internet as a convenient, reliable channel for phone, data and videoconferencing services. Our consultative approach alleviates technology investment anxiety and ensures that your future-proof communication system improves efficiency, reduces costs and grows with your company. Highly certified and experienced technicians deliver a range of solutions from installing network infrastructure and IP phones on site to providing hassle-free hosted and managed services for VoIP calling, Wi-Fi business software, security services, email and more.

Greenville Turf & Tractor Inc.

Precision Roofing Corp

Rolang School

ROLANG School specializes in teaching Romanian language courses to international students (business people, Embassies staff, employees, University students).

Programs are suitable for adult students of all ages as well as for the different language skills requirements.

Saint Patrick Catholic School

Founded in 2005 by the James Barry Robinson Trust, Saint Patrick is an independent Catholic school with an enrollment of approximately 400 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Enrollment is open to children from all faith traditions, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. 65% of our current students are Catholic while 35% are friends of other faiths. Spiritual instruction follows the Consensus Curriculum of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.

Wall Street Walks

Northern California Preparatory School

NCPS employs a preventative-maintenance program. By focusing on each student individually and taking care of individual needs before a crisis can occur, behavioral problems are kept to a minimum. Students are positively reinforced through a point system for displaying successful academic and social behavior. Once points are earned, they are not taken away. Accumulated points are exchanged for goods at our student store. Through working with our motivated and enthusiastic staff, students learn problem solving skills, coping skills and build the self-esteem necessary for success.

Franciscan Outreach Volunteers

Franciscan Outreach Volunteers is a 1 year (renewable) program based on the values of Service, Community, Spirituality and Simple Living. Volunteers live and work at Franciscan Outreach Association (FOA), a non-profit agency providing emergency and long-term services to those who are homeless, poor and marginalized in Chicago. Volunteers work directly with those who are homeless, providing hospitality and services at our Soup Kitchen and Shelter sites. Volunteers live in intentional community with 11-13 other volunteers, participating in weekly reflections, meetings and community nights.

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